Book Spotlight: 20 Self-Care Habits

20 self care habits
The idea for this book came about from my own journey of self-care.
It took time getting to know what works for me and makes me happy, as well as what doesn’t work for me and contributed to making me unhappy.
I then started using the skills I learned with my clients and saw that it also helped improve their lives and relationships.
I hope this book will help you find the same improvement and happiness within your own life and relationships.
In this book, I want to provide the tools you will need to develop a habit in the areas of setting boundaries, honouring your feelings, learning how to be on your own, and improving your relationships.
There is a very practical aspect to this book, lots of thinking and reflection points, and room to develop your own methods of achieving each goal.
As added bonuses there is a facebook group, printables for each self-care habit, and a new coaching service.

Find the book on amazon now:

20 Self-Care Habits

Link to book webpage:

K- Brauner 20 Self-Care Habits

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