Book Spotlight: The Lucky Falcon

The Lucky Falcon is a sci-fi noir thriller that will keep you guessing until the last page. In the year 2204, the primary provocateur of exploration into the uncharted regions of the depths of space is crime, itself. Deep space freight haulers, slave trade, arms dealers and everything in between. Sure, there are still legitimate citizens out there, whom obey The King’s Law, but you won’t find many on The Rack. An interstellar checkpoint station the size of Los Angeles. With a population of nearly five million perpetual residents, crime runs nearly unabated throughout the city. In an attempt to alleviate this, an enigmatic organization known only as The Man instituted the Rack Security Force. The R.S.F. are a collection of the fiercest, most distinguished prior police officers in the known universe, hand selected from their previous jurisdictions by The Man themselves. Join veteran agent Loak Delaine, and his brand new partner, as the rookie carries The Emerald Shield of the R.S.F. for the first night in his life. It will be a white knuckled night, filled with greed, grit, bullets and blood. The hunt for a long fallen Prince begins now.

the luck falcon

Find the book on Amazon at the link below:

The Lucky Falcon

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