Book Spotlight: The Seven

The seven

Do you remember Thursday’s child, Friday’s child and the rest? That’s who the Seven are, all with individual special abilities which are related to their own day of birth.

How do they interact with those who aren’t part of their special group? And what do those normal humans think about the Seven?
Thursday’s child has far to go. But how far will she go to protect the other members of the Seven?

Would you want to have the ability to heal, just like Friday’s child, who is loving and giving? And what happens when Wednesday’s child is full of woe?
Do they all have to stay together – and alive – for all their abilities to work properly?
And what happens when one of the Seven seems to be determined to control – or worse – the remaining six members of the group?
All it takes is two words: “It’s Sunday”

Copies of The Seven can be purchased direct from the publisher at:

Pegasus Publishers or by calling 01223 370012.

You can contact Erin Curran via email:

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